The French Paradox and Beyond:
Living Longer with Wine and the Mediterranean Lifestyle

By Lewis Perdue
Copyright 1992-2005 By Lewis Perdue

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This site gives you the entire contents of the world's bestselling book on moderate consumption by journalist and author Lewis Perdue. It contains also an introduction by Dr. Keith Marton, M.D., and a chapter by Wells Shoemaker, M.D.

More than 75,000 copies have been sold.

Chapter One

French Paradox? No, No: It's An American Paradox

We're the ones spending billions on health care and fitness clubs. So why are the French blowing Gauloise smoke in our faces and outliving us to boot?

Chapter Two

Leading a Longer, Disease-Free Life

This book promises to help you decrease your chances of getting a heart attack, live a healthier life without deprivation, and make your own independent decisions about the health studies reported in the press.

Sidebar One

What is Alcohol, Anyway?

It's nearly impossible to avoid in food or nature.

Chapter Three

What's All the Fuss About?

Why are people suddenly so interested in wine and health?

Sidebar Two

What's a Drink?

Defining how much is a drink.

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